Introduction to Art
Welcome back students.

Please come prepared with two #2 WOODEN pencils and a smile. No ink pens, mechanical pencils or food/liquids at work spaces. This will protect your work and others.

Strive for an "A":

  • Please arrive on-time and often.
  • Be attentive to directions, demos and deadlines. Do each assignment as though you were gifting it to someone special. IF you turn something in by the deadline and you need more time to finish or re-do, you will be granted a "placeholder" which is a temporary grade which will never drop. It can either stay the same or go up when the work is finished.
  • Late work is accepted at a 10% discount for each day you are present but fail to turn completed work in. If you are present but miss a deadline, work "overtime" to get it done to minimize points lost.
  • Look for opportunities to do extra-credit work to make up for any lost points during the trimester.
  • Respect yourself, the learning environment, staff and students. Take responsibility for your decisions.