Ceramic II
All student are required to wear safe shoes in the ceramic lab. They need to have rubber soles. No heels, sandals or slippers. Please bring safe shoes to change into (may be stored in your locker) or wear them in. The floors become very slippery with clay dust and when water is introduced, may endanger your child's safety.

  • A minimum of 2 zipper gallon-size (or larger) plastic bags with their name/hr printed on them is highly recommended.
  • A large plastic flimsy bag (like a dry-cleaner bag) may prove helpful but is NOT mandatory.
  • A personal spray bottle is nice but NOT mandatory.
  • If your child has long hair, something to pull it out of their face and project would be nice. (I only have rubber bands which are not kind to hair.)
  • I will try to have hand lotion available at my desk. If your child prefers to have their own, it must be UNSCENTED if applied during class. Otherwise they will have to wait to apply the scented variety after leaving the classroom to protect those with scent allergies.
  • We will have aprons available for your child's use. They will not be laundered till the end of the school year. If your child prefers to bring in their own, please have their name visible.

This class is taken after building techniques have been mastered in Ceramics I. Students are given parameters of the project with problem-solving and higher-order thinking to accomplish. Surface treatment is explored with carving, sgraffito, glazing, staining and underglaze being incorporated. Any additional pieces made beyond the assignments are signed-off for extra-credit possibility. Plans are created for each project to strengthen spacial thinking and commitment to ideas.