Employability Skills
Course Syllabus

Employability Skills.doc

PowerPoint Presentations

Feel free to print these PowerPoint presentations as a "handout" to use during class time or if you are absent during my presentation of the topic.

Chapter 1
You & The World of Work (Chapter 1).ppt

Chapter 2
Seven-Step Process (2.ppt

Chapter 3
Researching Careers.ppt

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Developing an Individual Career Plan.ppt

Chapter 6
Finding & Applying for a Job.ppt

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Beginning a New Job.ppt

Chapter 11.2
Safety on the Job (11.2).ppt

Chapter 12.1
Workplace Legal Matters.ppt

Chapter 13
Interpersonal Relationships at Work.ppt

Chapter 14
Teamwork & Leadership.ppt

Chapter 15
Professional Communication Skills.ppt

Chapter 18
Time & Information Management.ppt

Chapter 19
Economics & the Consumer.ppt

Chapter 20
Managing your Money (ch 20).ppt

Chapter 21
Banking & Credit.ppt

Chapter 22
Buying Insurance.ppt

Chapter 23
Taxes and Social Security.ppt

Chapter 24
Adapting to Change.ppt