Business Management and Technology
2014-15 BAMO Syllabus (Kelly).pdf

PowerPoint Presentations

Economic Decisions & Systems
Ch 1 PPT.ppt

Economic Activity (Ch 2)
Ch 2 PPT.ppt

Business in the Global Economy (Ch 3)
Business in the Global Economy.pptx

Business Organizations
Business Organization PPT.ppt

Entrepreneurship PPT.ppt

Operations Management & Planning
Operations Management & Planning PPT.ppt

Operations Control
Operations Control.pptx

Management & Leadership
Management & Leadership PPT.ppt

Human Resources
Human Resources PPT.ppt

Career Planning & Development
Career Planning & Development PPT.ppt

Marketing (Ch. 10)
Ch 10 (Marketing).pdf

Business & Technology (Ch. 11)
BMT (Ch 11_ Business & Technology).pptx

Financial Management
Financial Mgt PPT.ppt

Production & Business Operations (Ch. 13)
BMT (Ch 13 Production & Business Operations).pdf

Business Communication
Communication Skills.pptx

Organizing and Work
Organizing & Work.pdf

Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure PPT.pdf

Understanding Work Groups
_Understanding Work Groups_-1.pdf

Working with Employees
Working with Employees-1.pdf

Motivation & Leadership
Motivation & Leadership-1.pdf