United States History and Geography B

United States History and Geography B

civil rights

Extra Credit

Extra credit can be obtained in several ways.  First, there will be extra credit readings that can be completed using the extra credit reading worksheet: Extra Credit Article.doc. Readings will be announced in class or posted on the website below and are worth 5-15 points depending on the article and the quality of work turned in.  A maximum of 50 points per trimester can be earned in this way.

Finally, students can come to class before or after school to review the last test they have taken.  If they write two sentences correcting their wrong answers (one for a correction, one to explain why the answer is correct), they can earn 10 extra credit points.  This process can be completed after every test (except for the final exam).

Course Content

U.S. History & Geography B covers the years 1939-Present and is broken into the following units:

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Unit 4: World War II
Part 1: A Global Conflict
    Unit 4 Part 1 Vocabulary
    Unit 4 Part 1 Learning Targets
    Unit 4 Part 1 Study Guide
         Topic 7, Section 1 FBI Notes
         Crash Course Video: World War Causes 
         Changing Fashions in Government Worksheet
         Political Ideologies Notes
         Comparing Hitler & FDR Article and Graphic Organizer
               "How Fascist is Donald Trump" Article
          Appeasement in Europe Notes
                  Appeasement Documents and Questions
          Topic 7, Section 2 FBI Notes
Road to War Video
                 Vocabulary Activity and Questions
          Topic 7, Section 3 FBI Notes
          American Reactions to Fascist Aggression Worksheets
          Topic 7, Sections 4 and 6 (Part A) FBI Notes
World War II: Strategies and Challenges Notes
              Experiences of War in the Pacific: 
Ghost Soldiers Reading and Reading Organizer
          World War II Annotated Map Activity: 
Instructions, Blank Maps, Asia Map, and Europe maps 
Part 2: America in World War II
   Unit 4 Part 2 Vocabulary
   Unit 4 Part 2 Learning Targets
   Unit 4 Part 2 Study Guide
         Crash Course Video: WWII on the Homefront
         Topic 7 Section 7 FBI Notes
          Band of Brothers Episode 9 Viewing Questions
          German War Guilt Notes and Reading
              Milgram's Theory of Obedience Reading 
         Topic 7 Section 5 FBI Notes
America the Story of Us: WWII Questions
         World War II War Posters Images and Guided Questions
                   Propaganda Cartoons: Donald Duck and Daffy Duck
                   World War 2 Music: WW2 Jukebox
         HBO's Tuskegee Airmen Video Questions and Movie
Ken Burns' The War Episode 1 Video Guide
         Zoot Suit Riots Notes and Primary Source Graphic Organizer
         Topic 7 Section 6 and 8 FBI Notes
         Japanese Relocation Reading and Questions
        Atomic Bomb Debate Notes and Reading/Organizer
        WWII Science and Technology Website
               Top 10 List Activity
          World War II Conferences Organizer
         WWII Crossword

Unit 5: The Cold War

Part 1: America in the Cold War
    Unit 5 Part 1 Vocabulary
    Unit 5 Part 1 Learning Targets
    Unit 5 Part 1 Study Guide
         Price of War Video and Questions
         Topic 8, Section 1 Reading Notes
         Crash Course Video: 
Cold War
         Origins of the Cold War 
         Origins of the Cold War 
         Cold War Map Activity: Map of Asia and Map of Europe
         Topic 8, Section 2 Reading Notes
         Topic 8, Section 3 Reading Notes
         "Sky Wars"- Eisenhower and the U-2 Incident Reading and Questions
         President Eisenhower, the CIA, and Guatemala Reading and Questions
         Eisenhower's Farewell Address Video
                Farewell Address Transcript
                Farewell Address Questions
         Topic 8, Section 4 Reading Notes
Nuclear Attack Notes/Questions
                 Bert the Turtle Video
                 Good Housekeeping Article
Anti-Communism in the 1950s Reading and Questions
         Topic 10, Section 1 Reading Notes
         Kennedy Foreign Affairs on the New Frontier Worksheet
         Berlin Crisis Reading and Graphic Organizer
​​​​         13 Days Movie Questions
                 Cuban Missile Crisis Original Speech Video and Transcript
         Gulf of Tonkin Incident Notes and Video 
                 Gulf of Tonkin Incident Primary Source Analysis
         Unit 5 Part 1 Crossword Review
Part 2: Cold War Conflicts and Repercussions
    Unit 5 Part 2 Vocabulary
    Unit 5 Part 2 Learning Targets
    Unit 5 Part 2 Study Guide
          Topic 10, Section 2 Reading Notes
          Escalation in Vietnam Worksheet Packet
                Crash Course Video: Cold War in Asia
          Soldiers Experiences: Excerpts from The Things they Carried by Tim O'Brien and 
                 Graphic Organizer (Warning: the excerpts are unedited for content)
           Topic 10, Section 3 Reading Notes
          1968 with Tom Brokaw Video and Graphic Organizer
          Anti-Vietnam War Movement Documents and Graphic Organizer
          Topic 10, Section 4 Reading Notes
          End of Vietnam War and Protest Music Notes
                   1960s Protest Music Reading
My-Lai Massacre Reading and Questions
          Topic 11, Sections 5 and 6 Reading Notes
          Nixon and Detente Notes
          Nixon's "Visit to China" Document and Questions
          Iranian Hostage Crisis "King to Pawn" Reading and Questions
          Topic 12, Section 3 Reading Notes
          Gorbachev, Reagan, and the End of Cold War Worksheets
                   Crash Course Video: The Reagan Revolution
                   Ronald Reagan "Tear Down this Wall" Speech Transcript and Video
          Topic 12, Section 4 and Topic 13, Section 2 Reading Notes
          Searching for the Roots of 9/11 Video
          Unit 5 Presidential Foreign Policy Review Worksheet

Unit 6: An Era of Change
Part 1: Age of Affluence and Its Challenges
    Unit 6 Part 1 Vocabulary
    Unit 6 Part 1 Learning Targets
    Unit 6 Part 1 Study Guide
           Topic 8, Section 5 Reading Notes
           America: Superpowers Video and Worksheet
           Age of Affluence Notes
           Suburbia: Levittown Reading and Assignment
           Topic 8, Section 6 Reading Notes
           Culture of the 1950s and 1960s Notes
                  Reaction to Teen Culture Quotes
           Topic 8, Section 7 and Topic 11, Section 1 FBI Notes
           The Other America and Poverty Culture
                  Income Inequality Video
           Topic 9, Section 1 FBI Notes
           Civil Rights in the 1950s Crash Course Video
           Ideals of the Civil Rights Movement DBQ
           Topic 9, Section 2 FBI Notes
           A Time for Justice Video and Questions
​           Effects of Brown vs. Board of Education Reading and Graphic Organizer
                 How the Other Fifth Lives New York Times Opinion Article
            Topic 9, Section 3 FBI Notes
           Malcolm X Movie Questions
           Two Societies Worksheets
Part 2: Resurgence of Conservatism
    Unit 6 Part 2 Vocabulary
    Unit 6 Part 2 Learning Targets
    Unit 6 Part 2 Study Guide
           Topic 9, Sections 4 & 5 Reading Notes
Great Society Notes, Video, and Discussion
                   Document Analysis
                   Graphic Organizer
           Topic 11, Sections 2 & 3 Reading Notes
           Women in American Politics Reading
           Women in the 1950s Notes
                  Document Analysis
                  Graphic Organizer
           Equal Rights Amendment Scavenger Hunt
           1960s Crash Course Video
           Cesar Chavez Document Based Question
                   Paragraph Assignment Directions
          Topic 9, Sections 4-5 FBI Notes
          Great Society PPT Notes and Document Analysis
          History of the Republican Party 1854-2016 Video
          Topic 12, Sections 1 & 2 Reading Notes
          Rise of Conservatism Crash Course Video
               Rise of Conservatism DBQ
          Ronald Reagan's Domestic Policies
                   Crash Course Video: The Reagan Revolution
          Topic 11, Section 4 and Topic 13, Section 1 Reading Notes
          Globalization and Its Reactions FBI Notes
          Modern Presidents Video Worksheet
                   Consumer Movement: Story of Stuff
          NAFTA PPT Notes and Worksheets
          How Baby Boomers Broke America Article
          Liberalism vs. Conservatism Essay Directions
                    Lib vs. Con Chart
                    Liberal vs. Conservative Quiz

Final Exam Review Timeline Assignment