Bannon, B

Welcome To Mr. Bannon's Classroom

Personal Mission Statement
I will help all students become accountable, hard working, and analytical citizens, enabling them to succeed in our ever-changing, challenging world. Students will experience a classroom environment that encourages constructive debate, compassion, and empathy.


I have worked at Woodhaven High School since 2007 teaching Social Studies and Lifeguarding.  I have also coached the boys varsity swim team during that time.

I have a B.S. in History, Social Studies, and Biology from the University of Michigan.  I have also completed a M.S.ed. in Administration at the University of Michigan.

Classroom Rules

  1. All students’ eyes must be on the speaker and all heads must remain off of the desk during discussion, videos, and lecture.
  2. All language must be respectful at all times.
  3. All actions towards others will be respectful at all times.
  4. Bring appropriate supplies to class including a binder, book, homework, pencil, and planner.
  5. Raise your hand if you would like to speak during silent work time, lecture, or discussion.
  6. Everyone will be asked before their property is used, touched, or borrowed.
  7. No distracting objects will be brought into the class including games, balls, etc…cell phones and electronic tablets are only to be used with expressed permission of the teacher.
  8. Ignorance is strictly prohibited; if you don’t know, ask a question!

 Disciplinary Measures (in all but the most extreme cases)

 1.Student will be notified of unacceptable behavior.
 2.Student may be removed from the distracting environment.
 3.Student sent to assistant principal for further discipline.

Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones will be kept out of reach, out of sight, and silent unless the teacher directly tells the student that he or she may use a cell phone.  Phones may not be used for texting or making phone calls regardless of who is contacting the student (even parents).  Individuals who need to contact the student should call the front office at 734-783-3333 and the secretaries will deliver the message at the appropriate time.  This procedure has been put in place to ensure that there is a minimum of distractions in the learning environment.  Students who violate this policy will have one initial warning and then will have their phones confiscated and delivered to the front office.

Any work that is turned in after being collected by the teacher is considered late. Work will be accepted late at 50% of the total grade. Late homework will not be accepted after the assignment has been graded and handed back to students who did complete the assignment. 

Plagiarism (copying or using someone else’s words or ideas and pretending they are one’s own original work) will result in a “0” on the assignment for all persons involved. Assignments where students cheated will be denoted as such on Student/Parent Connect for that assignment.  The second time will result in a detention, a call home, and an essay concerning the evils of plagiarism. A third time will result in a referral to the assistant principal.

Student grades can be obtained by following one of the two links:   StudentConnection        ParentPortal

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