Car Crash WebQuest

Physics of Car Crashes WebQuest

Your challenge is to design and build a car with the greatest momentum (i.e., fast and massive) using only two sheets of copy paper and unlimited amounts of glue for the car’s frame and body. Your paper car must be able to carry a raw egg down an inclined racetrack ramp and protect it during a crash with a wall.

Crash Inquiry Questions

1. Is it possible to build a car frame and body from paper and glue that is strong enough to protect a raw egg during a head-on collision?

2. What engineering and design features determine a vehicle’s crashworthiness? 

Step 1: Research on car crashes, and crashworthiness.
Step 2: Design Car based on research.
Step 3: Build Car using materials provided.
Step 4: Test your car. Can the person (egg) survive?
Step 5: Reflect and write your lab report. 

Begin your quest: Research