Advanced Placement United States History

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Time Period 3: 1754-1800
Unit 3: A Nation's Beginnings
        Unit 3 Study Guide and Syllabus
        7 Years War Crash Course Video
        French and Indian War Notes
        Enlightenment/Political Philosophy Reading Assignment
‚Äč        Taxes and Smuggling Crash Course Video
        Road to Revolution Notes
        American Revolution Crash Course Video
        American Revolution Notes
        Chapter 3 Review/Skills Packet

Unit 4: The Young Republic
        Unit 4 Syllabus
        Unit 4 Textbook Study Guide
        American Neoclassical Art
            For help on how to view a painting, click here
        Ellis-"The Founding" Reading
        Constitution Crash Course Video
        Pre-1801 Presidential Election Data
        Political Parties Crash Course Video
        60 Second Presidents Videos: All Presidents are in these videos so remember this later when reviewing presidential policies

Time Period 4: 1800-1848
Unit 5: Second War for Independence and Party Politics
         Unit 5 Syllabus/Study Guide
         Unit 5 Vocabulary
         Thomas Jefferson Presidency Crash Course Video
         War of 1812 Movie Trailer (funny)
         War of 1812 Article: The British View from the Smithsonian
         War of 1812 Notes
         War of 1812 Crash Course Video
         Era of Good Feelings Notes
         Andrew Jackson Notes
         Age of Jackson Crash Course Video

Unit 6: Conflict of Identity
         Unit 6 Syllabus and Study Guide
         Unit 6 Vocabulary
         Market Revolution Crash Course Video
         Slavery Crash Course Video
         19th Century Reform Crash Course Video
         Women in the 19th Century Crash Course Video

Time Period 5: 1844-1877
Unit 7: The Impending Crisis
        Unit 7 Syllabus

Unit 8: The Civil War
        Unit 8 Syllabus.doc
        Click here for some eerie color photographs of the Civil War


Time Period 6: 1865-1898
Unit 9: The Politics of Expansion
        Unit 9 Syllabus.doc


        Turner Thesis.docx

Unit 10: The Industrial Revolution
         Unit 10 Syllabus.doc
         Racial Constructs and Population Article/Map



Time Period 7: 1890-1945
Unit 11: America Enters the Global Stage
Unit 12: Boom and Bust

Unit 13: World War II Era

          Japanese Internment.ppt

Time Period 8: 1945-1980
Unit 13: The Cold War


         Red Scare in the 1950s Scavenger Hunt.doc


          End of the Cold War.ppt

Unit 15: The Struggle for Rights and Equality

Time Period 9: 1980-Present
Unit 16: The United States Since 1980

          US involvement in the ME.ppt

Final Exam Prep
             Final Exam Review:  Tri 3 Final Exam Study Guide.doc

             DIA Art Review:  DIA Periods in American Art.doc      
              The above document is some fairly advanced background information about
               artistic periods in American History.  Feel free to use it for review, though it
               is designed to be used by me to help students on the guided tour of the DIA.

Final Project for Sophomores and Juniors