Biver, J

Welcome to Mr. Justin Biver's Webpage

Contact Information:
The best way to contact me with your questions or concerns is at

Personal Mission Statement:
My mission as a teacher is to create a learning atmosphere that is engaging, educational and enjoyable. I will motivate and teach students to scientifically approach the world by incorporating critical thinking, problem solving and real-world application of science concepts. 

I have worked at Woodhaven High School since 2013, teaching Physics and Computer Science. In addition, I am the Video Game Club Sponsor and Class of 2017 Sponsor. 

I have a B.S. in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science from Saginaw Valley State University. 

Course Home Pages:
PT Physics
Intro to Java Programming
Web Design
AP Computer Science

Class rules:
1. Come to class on time.
2. Come to class prepared.
3. Be respectful to your peers, classroom/equipment, & teacher.
4. No food or drinks allowed.
5. No use of cell phones unless otherwise told so.
6. Do your work, don't copy.
7. Do your best. That means no sleeping, texting, playing games, etc. when you are supposed to be learning.

Student grades can be obtained by following one of the two links:   StudentConnection        ParentPortal